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BeLynda Davis


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     BeLynda or Bea, as her family, friends, and those who know her call her has overcome so much in her life that she is a living testimony of what trusting in God and hoping beyond hope will do. Many in her situation gave up on life but that is not Bea. She demanded life to match her faith and is therefore living her best life. She wants you to do them same and does what she can to make that a reality.


Born in Madisonville, Kentucky, Mrs. Davis spent most of her formative years as an “Army Brat” which allowed her to travel to places like Hawaii and Germany. Her family moved every few years to a different military base, so she learned to be flexible and adapt to her environment from an early age. It was not until her 10th grade year of high school when she was shocked with an all new (and unexpected) reality. Mrs. Davis was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and her life would be forever changed.

Mrs. Davis found solace in attending church and, after joining the choir, soon discovered her gift of singing. She’s also accomplished her childhood dream of “making people look and feel beautiful” by graduating from Ogeechee Technical College (Statesboro, GA) where she received her degree in Cosmetology. Mrs. Davis also received her Medical Records Specialist Certification in 2016.

Now, God has called Mrs. Davis to transition from working with her hands to working with her words! “Let’s T.A.L.K.: Your 4-Step Guide To Getting Beyond The Pain Of Loss & The Uncertainty Of Illness So You Can Live Your Best Life Now” is Mrs. Davis’ first published book and it speaks to the hearts and minds of individuals who have lost a loved one or are struggling with a chronic illness! She’s on a mission to share her story with the world and encourage others to T.A.L.K. their way through hardship.

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She is a supportive military spouse. Mrs. Davis navigates the daily challenges of strengthening her marriage, growing her family, and supporting her husband, Steven, who has been on multiple combat deployments. As she continues to conquer everything that comes her way, Mrs. Davis happily resides in Illinois with her loving husband and darling children, DJ and BriAna!

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