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Let's T.A.L.K.:

Your 4-Step Guide To Getting Beyond The Pain Of Loss And The Uncertainty Of Illness So You Can Live Your Best Life Now

Your Best Life Now" by BeLynda "Bea" Davis is the anthem for

everyone who needs to be encouraged during their time of grief, loss,

and illness.


Its pages will speak to your heart and mind as you discover the true

meaning of courage and perseverance. With their complexities and

variances, grief and chronic illness are experienced differently by so

many people who, often, feel alone and misunderstood. "Let's T.A.L.K.:

Your 4-Step Guide To Getting Beyond The Pain Of Loss & The

Uncertainty Of Illness So You Can Live Your Best Life Now" tackles the

hard realities faced by many people across the globe and offers a

remedy accessible to everyone.


NOW Faith:

Planting a Seed of Faith: #1

In this first book in the NOW Faith Series, Wanda takes the reader on a journey of discovery of their faith and why now is the time to activate it. It is one thing not to complete a New Year's resolution or even cross off everything on your daily checklist, but it is a whole other thing to miss out on opportunities, success, growth, change, increase and open doors that belong to you!

The reality is, we are living in real life. We cannot pause the people, the worries and the pressures in our lives like a tv show when it becomes too much or uninteresting. Everyday we wake up to our own cycles, routines, and common places and sometimes we need a little more than that.

What are the things on your heart right now? Think about it! 

Would you believe me if I told you, you have access to do something about that very thing? 

A business, finances, a book, family, heartache, grief, shame, displacement, health issues, even unanswered prayers have a door attached to them! We have the key! Our Faith!

It’s not often we talk about the struggles of believing in those hard things. We don’t talk about what makes us lose hope. We don’t even talk about our feelings towards God concerning our desires. Well, let's talk about it. Let’s see the process of faith in action! 

We hear about everyone else's story all day long but this moment in time is about you! This is your time to get up and believe again; to have faith for your NOW!


20 Min FREE

Discovery Call

This is an opportunity for us to connect and learn the your core motivations and be able to demonstrate how they can solve your most pressing problems.  Also this time will reveal if we have a great fit or not.  We want your progress to take you to new levels of success.

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30 min

Coaching Consultation

Coaches are more willing to be courageous, and clients are more willing to be prodded. In a 30-minute session, coaches can't waste time beating around the bush. They get to the point faster and earlier, interrupt more bravely, and ask more provocative questions. Clients get more done in between coaching sessions.

1 hour

Coaching Consultation

What are The Benefits of one to one coaching?


  • Goal Achievement. Working with a coach helped clients create action plans, meet checkpoints, and stay accountable against objectives to achieve their defined goals.

  • Greater Confidence.

  • Job Satisfaction. 

  • Increased Contribution. 

  • Better Relationships.

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